Testicular Self-Examination Outreach:
The goal of this West Virginia based program is to provide state-wide education about testicular cancer to educators and to teach young men the appropriate technique for testicular self-examination in order to increase rates of early detection and cure.

The Testicular Self-Exam program has been a sucess providing education for as many as 5 states.

Testicular Self Examination website

Funding for this project is being provided through grants from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation and the Jambes B. Chambers Memorial Foundation.


Men’s Health Center:
As men grow from children, to teenagers, and from young men into their mature years, they experience a full range of health issues unique to males. The Men's Health Center is offering care for all these stages in a man’s life.


Mapping Biopsy :



  1. 20 Gy vs. 0 Gy
  2. Dose De-escalation
  3. High Risk Androgen Deprivation Therapy
  4. SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer prevention Trial)


Dose De-escalation Protocol:
A prospective randomized trial evaluating the effect of a 12%  reduction in prescription dose (125 Gy vs. 110 Gy) on the ultimate cure and complication rates for low risk prostate cancer.


High-risk Androgen Deprivation Therapy Protocol:
A prospective randomized trial designed to determine the role of androgen deprivation therapy in high risk patients.

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